Fish 419 Pro Staff

Fish 419 glasses with beautiful blue water background.

Fish 419 has a limited number of Pro Staff openings available.  We are looking to team with folks that are like-minded and have a passion for Fish 419 products.  Our current program has 2-Tiers and is based on your current status in the industry, as well as your ability to envangelize our products to folks in your sphere of influence. 

Depending on your Tier, you will be eligible for deeply discounted products or a selection of free products and discounted products.  Where appropriate, you may also be eligible to receive affiliate sales revenue sharing.  The more you help us get the word out, the higher the potential.

We are a family-owned, boutique sunglasses manufacturer located in Cape Coral, Florida. We have been identified as one of the fasted growing sunglasses brands in the USA. We are hands-on and want to develop personal relationships with key folks in the industry.  We have developed innovative sunglasses technology that provides high quality optics at a "realistic" price point.  We provide great value to folks that want quality polarized sunglasses, but can't, or choose not to, spend $100's on their sunglasses.  For those folks, we work very hard to provide excellent value for the purchase, coupled with superior Customer Service.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please fill out our quick application below, then click "Submit".  We respect your time and will respond to you as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Blessings, Craig Closs - President