Sunglasses FAQ - Fish 419 Performance Gear

We've compiled a list of the most common questions we've received about our Sunglasses.  We hope you find this information helpful!  Our email in-box is always open, so feel free to send us your questions. We'll be happy to reply!

1)  Fitting: My sunglasses don't fit. They are too tight, too lose or they sit on my face crooked.  ANSWER: No Worries! Almost all sunglasses require adjustment to fit your face perfectly. If they're uncomfortable, we recommend taking them to a local eyeglass store or Optician for adjustment. Almost all offer this service for free even though the sunglasses weren't purchased there. They can easily adjust both metal and composite plastic sunglasses to your liking and have you on your way in minutes. Another option is to checkout YouTube DIY videos. Simple adjustments can be handled at home with no special tools or experience. 

2)  Lens Color: My lenses don't look exactly like they appear in the Ad: ANSWER: This is a limitation of photo technology.  Just as it's very difficult to capture a photo of a mirror, we struggle with this limitation in our product photos. Unfortunately, some variation is to be expected. Things like sun, shade, color of surroundings, and angle of view all create challenges. We personally try out every lens and select pictures that we feel most closely represent the overall look of the sunglasses. If your not totally satisfied, then we would be happy to offer an alternative style or help you return them if desired.

3)  Cleaning: How should I clean my lenses?  ANSWER: Carefully! Especially with Mirror lenses.  Use a lot of water and very mild hand soap to gently rinse away the grime. When wiping, never use paper towel or abrasive fabric. Always use a soft tissue, cotton ball, or microfiber lens cloth. Although it's common to clean your window glass with window cleaner, like Windex, the lenses on your sunglasses are not actually glass. Window cleaner contains very strong chemical cleaning agents (usually containing ammonia) and should be avoided. Commercial Lens cleaner spray is a better alternative. 

4) Mirror Lenses: Why do most sunglasses brands shy away from Mirror Lenses?  ANSWER: It's simple. They don't want the hassle of customer complaints when their mirror scratches. When you pay $400.00 for a pair of sunglasses, the last thing you want to do is have them scratch after one season.  In fact, most of the major brands no longer offer mirror lenses in more than the basic silver just for this reason. While we acknowledge that mirror lenses scratch easily, we want our customers to make that choice for themselves. Blue, Green, Red Sunburst or Silver, our mirror lenses give you the choice on sunglasses that have a realistic price point.

5) Price: How can Fish-On sell a quality pair of sunglasses at such a realistic price point?  ANSWER: We have designed our sunglasses from the ground up with this in mind.  We focus on including the most important features, with the best materials and eliminate waste in the process. In fact, final assembly of all Fish On sunglasses is performed under our roof... right here in the U.S.A.

We hope you found this information helpful! Thanks for taking the time to check out our Fish On Gear!